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ODT - OSIRIS - Open Social Innovation policies driven by co-creative Regional Innovation ecosystemS

Defining policy actions aimed at improving the use of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the context of the enhancement of public information asset in view of a Data Driven Economy, thanks to co-creative processes and the involvement of stakeholders. The project is funded within the Interreg Europe Call.

General Objectives

  • Improving the performances of European regional policy funds management tool sthrough the exchange of knowledge and experiences
  • Fostering the creation of regional innovation systems in order to stimulate growth and the creation of new jobs
  • Sharing good practices answering needs of citizens among the European regions involved in the project
  • Upgrading co-creative processes within the public administration thanks to the involvement of policy makers, research, industry and civil society

Local Objectives

  • Supporting new projects related to the issues of Data Driven Economy and Open/Social Innovation, by intervening on the policies concerned with the European Regional Development Funds and through the engagement of the local ecosystem of innovation.
  • Reinforcing the ability to transfer the results of research investments onto the market by setting up a co-creative open innovation system

Project Stakeholders

Locally involved partners

Phases of the project

The project is scheduled to last four years, divided into two phases: 2016-2018, aimed at producing an "action plan" for the implementation of EU regional development funds management policies; in the second phase 2018-2020, there will be a monitoring of the Action Plan practical implications on regional policies.





  • Monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan


  • Monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan
  • Final conference Trento



EUR 1.715.322 project overall budget
EUR 209.062 budget available to the Autonomous Province of Trento

Last update June 2018




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