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ODT - Structuring the data of public system portals from an Open Data perspective

Ensuring the quality and the sustainability of information classes on the websites of the Trentino public administration system by aligning them with European standards in view of the Digital Single Market


  • Enhancing the public information asset of the institutional websites of the Province and of the system of Trentino Municipalities by identifying a common structure for the 'information entities', i.e. for the contents conveyed online, being aligned with national and European standards
  • Re-using the experience of EUROVOCs data modelling developed within the pilot project ISA2
  • Defining a coordination node for the development of the Trentino digital agenda, with particular regards to the activities of the PaT portal group and of the Onlice Services group
  • Defining the tools that can encourage shared choices within the project as well as with other national open data communities and those of other European regions (Wiki/github)

Involved parties

  • Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini
  • Informatica Trentina

Phases of the project
2017 -2018

  • Aligning the project with the objectives of the digital agenda, starting the work group
  • Defining a process to ensure the monitoring and semi-automatic updating of the classes on all municipal and provincial portals
  • Study of new classes on the PaT portals that will gradually add to the original repository currently defined on the bases of the practices of local public bodies and of some of the new PaT portals
  • Validation of the existing vocabularies as a way to systematise what has been developed within the ISA2 PaT pilot project

Last update January 2017




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