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ODT - Promoting semantic interoperability amongst the EU member State - ISA2 action Trentino Pilot

Pilot project aimed at identifying models and methods meant to align the structuring classes of the Trentino system websites - Trentino Municipalities and the Autonomous Province of Trento - with the standards currently being defined at European level by the SEMIC group and the ISA2 action


  • Increasing the quality and consequent reuse of open data by sharing a semantically strong shared structure aligned with vocabularies and other state-of-the-art semantic resources.
  • Adapting ComunWeb information structure, schemes and dictionaries to support a Linked Open Data set aligned with the Core Vocaboularies defined by the EU Commission
  • Demonstrating the applicability of the "EU Core Vocabolaries" in the real scenario of the over five thousand datasets of the CommunWeb platform
  • Extending semantic interoperability from the municipal level to the highest governance levels so as to include the Province websites

Involved Parties


  • March: mapping the information structure of the Trentino municipalities web portals to the Core Vocabularies and to Schema.org, using the mapping tool provided by the ISA2 contractor, and covering the following core vocabularies: Core Public Organizations Vocabulary (CPOV), Core Business Vocabulary (CBV), Core Person Vocabulary (CPV) and Core Location Vocabulary (CLV); for the Core Public Service Vocabulary the Italian profile as recommended by AgID (CPSV_AP-IT http://www.dati.gov.it/content/catalogo-dei-servizi-pa-primi-passi) will be used;
  • April: suggesting a draft "Core Public Event Vocabulary" based on the experience in managing in the ComunWeb portal;
  • April - May: implementing the semantic annotation mentioned above, through application of the mapping in a real case, to a selected subset of the content classes used by the Trentino municipalities;
  • June: develop a proof of concept, involving Trentino and another EU public administration, realized by a simple 'micro' service (i.e. a web page with a map) on a selected class (i.e. Public Organization) aligned with ISA2 Core Vocabularies, and related dissemination activities. Draft Final Report
  • June the Pilot at the SEMIC conference in Malta

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