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The second meeting of the OSIRIS project held in Fundão

"New education and training systems for emerging jobs" was the topic of the second co-creative meeting held in Portugal from December 13 to December 15, which allowed an exchange of knowledge and experiences between FBK, the project Open Data in Trentino and the other partners of the project funded by Interreg Europe.

OSIRIS is an inter-regional cooperation project that aims at improving the planning, rapid spread and implementation of policies and action plans concerning the issues of open and social innovation.

The meeting, introduced by the Mayor of Fundão Paulo Fernandes who presented the city strategic plan for innovation, was carried out along 4 main axes:

  • Study visits to the innovative experiences growing in a city which is working to attract ICT companies to its territory and to raise local professionals who can work in such businesses. One of these experiences is the Academia de Código; consisting, on the one hand, of a series of intensive courses addressed to unemployed young people as a way for them to earn the necessary skills to work in ICT companies; on the other hand, it includes a programme of code writing literacy for primary school children. This was followed by a visit to the city LivingLab/Innovation system (a FanLab, a business hub as well as a space for co-working and social innovation projects). Finally, there was an opportunity to visit a business centre born in a previously dismissed and renovated city sport hall, where lots of ICT companies as well as corporations employing more than 500 people have found their place.
  • Co-creative workshops, where the partners were able to discuss, through the use of tailor-made methodologies, what the future jobs will be and what skills will be required to perform them, how to intervene on local Policy Instruments and what feedback was produced in this meeting.
  • A training opportunity on the main communication techniques meant to promote and publicise what is being done within the project.
  • Training and debate on the project administrative management.


For the Autonomous Province of Trento, the partners taking part in the meeting were the project Open Data, as partner of OSIRIS, and Maurizio Napolitano from FBK, who held a presentation on the impact of open data on new jobs and skills.

The next meeting will be held in Prešov (Slovakia) from March 21 to March 23, 2017. The meeting in Trento is scheduled for September 2017.


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