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The Trentino public system open data model at the "European week of Regions and Cities" (Brussels, 10-13 October)

"Regions and cities for sustainable and inclusive growth" is this year's theme for the fourteenth edition of the "European week of Regions and Cities", dedicated to the cohesion programs of the European Commission and of the European Committee of the Regions.

During the 100 sessions, workshops and meetings, the Trentino model for the Open Data will be presented alongside with the achievements of the City of Helsinki and the suggestions forwarded by Gilmworm IT BV and Urban Data Analytics, in a workshop entitled "Boosting the development of information products and services based on the re-use and combination of open public data across the EU".

The Trentino public administration (i.e. the Province, the Consorzio dei comuni trentini, the Region TAA, the Public Health services and other) is now, with its over 5.000 datasets, an active member of the Open Data community gathering around the European Data Portal (the Trentino open data on the European portal).

Trentino has accepted the challenge of the economic and social change related to the central role of data as raw material for the innovations taking place on the global technological markets, as well as for the new business models and services now available; the public service has a central part in facilitating this process, also by involving all of the players in the local system.

In particular, the public sector has a leading role in ensuring the interoperability and sustainability of the quality of the data produced by public offices. It is necessary for the information asset created by the public administration in its proceedings to go beyond a self-referential dimension and its mere use in the procedures of a single office, administration, region, etc.; thus it will be possible to benefit from the value that, thanks to new technologies, such assets can now have within a harmonised and interconnected European digital market.

Therefore, during these years, the Project Open Data in Trentino, supervised by the office S. Supporto alla Direzione generale e ICT, has taken some important steps towards the coordination, equalisation and alignment with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and the Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini

The goal is to create a general cultural context enhancing the specificity of the territory at European level, thanks to the possibility to make our excellences speak with the ones from other areas of the European Community.

The point is to make of Trentino a highly data-cultured region, starting from spreading the awareness of the value - which is also an economic one - of the data we produce and of how, with a few basic knowledges such as standard, legality, licences, maintenance, the public sector can offer raw material for new enterprises, new jobs and new growth scenarios, especially with regards to the new generations.

For the coming years, the European Commission has calculated 414 billion GDP and nearly 4 million new jobs that will be produced by the spread of data-driven economies. This refers not only to open data, but also to the developments connected to big data, to legal re-use of personal data or of data produced by instruments monitoring the territory, traffic flow and so on.

With regards to open data, the Commission estimated a 37% growth within 2020 and 32% more jobs connected to these new skills (around 75 billion Euros).

In Brussels, the team of the Project Open Data will give account of all this, particularly by presenting the results of the co-work between the Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini, Informatica Trentina and the Province of Trento (all of which will be at the workshop), since we are offering our contribution to the European programs dealing with the definition of "shared European vocabularies". Our goal is to allow the largest possible re-use for the data regarding our territory, and this is possible only by making the information bases interoperable beyond linguistic, technological and semantic borders.


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