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The co-creative meetings of the OSIRIS project have started in Finland

The first of a series of meetings between the partners and stakeholders of the European project funded by Interreg Europe was held in Vaasa from 3 to 5 October. The Autonomous Province of Trento was there with its experience collected over the years within the Project Open Data in Trentino.

OSIRIS is an interregional cooperation project within the Interreg Europe program, aiming at improving the planning, the rapid spread and implementation of policies and action plans around the issues of open and social innovation. The actions on the policies will be developed with co-creative tools aimed at sharing experiences and ideas between seven partners from the seven European regions. The Autonomous Province of Trento has chosen to work on the ERDF Operative Program as a way to stimulate the use of public sector information for the development of a data-driven economy, particularly in view to what has been defined by the European Digital Single Market strategy.

Every project partner will be hosting a co-creative meeting in which the sensitive issues for the specific region, the best practices and the topics related to open and social innovation will be discussed together with various stakeholders. The first of these meetings was held in Vaasa, Finland, focusing mainly on the issue of energy, sustainability and green policies in general. The Project Open Data in Trentino and Trentino Sviluppo were at the meeting as a major stakeholder on the issue of the development and promotion of a territory.

The aim of these meetings is to define an action plan meant to indicate how to intevene on the policies. After that, there will be a second phase of the project based for the most part on the monitoring of the actual fulfilment of the action plan.

The meeting in Trento will be held in September 2017.

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