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The Innovation website is now available in English

As part of the internship project ODT - EU machine translation tools for a cross-border public administration, some of the website contents have been translated and are now available in English.

The project ODT - EU machine translation tools for a cross-border public administration was started with the aim of finding efficient cross-border communication strategies allowing to go beyond the linguistic constraints that have been identified as one of the limits to the Digital Single Market. The project, in particular, aims at re-using already available resources such as EU machine translation tools as well as other computer-assisted-translation tools (CatTools), in order to evaluate the possible effects of their implementation in the activities of public administrations.

The Innovation portal and the project Open Date Trentino in particular serve here as a pilot project for the translation of web contents. In this area, some webpages have already been translated and can now be viewed in English; this version can be accessed by following the "Read in English" link on the corresponding Italian pages.

The materials have been translated by using MT@EC, the machine translation tool of the European Commission: the text has been submitted in the tool web interface and the output was then corrected and post-edited by a human translator. This allowed us to also draw some general considerations on the quality of the output produced by MT@EC and on its use potential in the provincial offices.

MT@EC can be used by anyone working in the public administration of a Member State after sending an e-mail request to the DG Translation - find out more. The tool translates from and into all EU official languages ​​plus Norwegian and Icelandic, and, in addition to short text snippets, on MT@EC, it is also possible to upload full documents in the most common formats (.docx, .odt, .pdf etc.) and to receive back the translation in the same format. The translation is of raw quality, but it can serve as a good basis to help human translators work faster.

The project will now continue by using other tools; in particular, we are now translating with MateCat, a free and open-source Cat (Computer Assisted Translation) Tool, developed by FBK along with other partners. CatTools are thought for professional translators and allow to create a personal translation memory (TM) that will be used by the machine as basis for suggestions on future translation; moreover, MateCat also provides the translator with suggestions coming from machine translation tools. The web contents translated using MateCat will be constantly uploaded on the Innovation portal, thus enlarging the "bilingual" parts of the website.


Here follows the list of the pages translated so far and available in English on the website

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